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Having a “bug free home”  is almost impossible…short of endangering your health and that of your family and/or pets with exposure to harsh chemicals. Effective pest control service requires knowledge about  insects, specific habits and safe application methods designed to eliminate infestations. With a little exterminator knowledge, combined with the necessary experience you can keep the bugs out of your home and hold the outside insect levels to a manageable level.

phoenix exterminatorAll pests   require shelter from the sun, a good nesting area with nearby food sources and moisture. Homes that provide these necessities will attract insects. Most insects are not dangerous, do not bit or sting and in large numbers are only considered nuisances. However, large populations of nuisance bugs will attract predator type insects often referred to as the biters and stingers. Insects that bite or sting are more than a nuisance and can be a health threat.

Identifying and correcting conditions around your home that attract insects should be the first step in effective service. Correcting conducive conditions will reduce the amount of harsh chemicals applied around your home.

Cool air in the summer that escapes from your home will attract insects and may provide an access point to your home. Inspection the exterior of your home to detect and correct these areas is an important step prior to pesticide applications.

Prior to any pesticide application the target pest should be identified in order to select the most effective product. Depending upon the species bait, insecticide or a combination may be the best choice. Cookie cutter, spray everything with the most powerful pesticide type services will needlessly exposure homeowners to harsh chemicals and depending upon the target species only make the problem worse.

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