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Pest Control Melbourne Florida

Residential Pest Control Service

Our general residential pest control services consist of treating the inside and outside
perimeter of your house, giving you a free termite check and offering tips and ideas on
preventing further insect/rodent infestations.  We generally offer all residential services
on a non contract quarterly service. We know everyone has different needs and
requirements regarding their home, so McGrath will structure your service plan to satisfy
those needs.
Commercial Pest Control Service
We offer a complete monthly or bi-monthly plan for all Commercial properties around the
greater Houston area.  We specialize in office buildings, warehouses, churches, schools,
restaurants, and property management buildings.
Full Yard Treatment
We offer a complete property perimeter yard power spray.  This treatment is perfect for
all general insects that live in and around your property.  We spray all grassy areas,
bushes, small trees, up high on the house, fence lines, and all expansion joints.  
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