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Lawn Aeration

aerationLawnImprove the look of your yard by getting more oxygen into the soil and water to the roots. Our deep plug aeration is a industry leader that surpasses the typical aeration size of 2″.

Lawn aeration also helps to remove the buildup of thatch which is dead organic matter thought to feed insects and promotes weed growth. Your yard benefits from less soil compaction, better drought tolerance, and improved resiliency and cushioning. Prices start at $50 for up to 10,000 sq. ft lawns.

Organic Lawn Fertilization

We believe our customers should have an organic option when treating their lawns. As a result, we now offer the choice to switch to our more environmentally friendly Holganix compost tea liquid lawn application. The pro-biotic compost  adds micro organisms to the soil which improves nutrient uptake into the roots of the grass and greatly reduces the need for herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. Get a thick, plush lawn that all of your neighbors will envy. 100% safe for kids and pets.

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