Melbourne Beach Lawn Mowing Service

Antigo Landscaping

Lawn Mowing

- Keep your lawn looking great with weekly mowing, trimming, edging and blowing.
Our blades are always sharp to ensure your grass stays healthy and lush. Weekly mowing yields the best results and is perfect for those people who want their lawn looking it’s best all the time.


Mulch & Bed Maintenance

- Keeping your Antigo Landscaping in order throughout the season is a must for anyone who isn’t swooned by the sway of weeds blowing in the wind. We’ll make sure your beds are properly maintained including: removal of old mulch if necessary, installation of new mulch, shrub and hedge pruning and trimming, and hand weeding beds. We also do plantings, seasonal color, and tree and shrub fertilization


Spring & Fall Cleanups

- Leaf removal and disposal, brush removal, general property cleanups and more. Debris laying on the lawn for any length of will will damage the grass. We’ll get it in shape for you in no time. Don’t forget our Antigo landscaping services. 

Organic Fertilizer

- Organic fertilizer is best for your lawn. Most synthetic fertilizers are too high in nitrogen and cause unnatural blade growth. We use a balanced, slow release granular fertilizer that bolsters deep root growth for a naturally drought resistant lawn. Fertilize twice a year in the spring and fall for best results.

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